Wednesday, July 06, 2016


About 2 moons ago, we met schoolmates' father (Uncle A) at a nearby coffee shop.
Uncle has just came from a dentist appointment at the klinik pergigian (government dental clinic).
Uncle mentioned nowadays after retiring, everything better go to kerajaan, cheaper.
As we talked, most naturally stories of children and parents were brought up.
Uncle asked about my husband's parents and updated us about his children (DA and SA).
DA is married and living with his wife in UK.
SA is married with 4 children living with her husband in Singapore.

Uncle mentioned her daughter's husband is very good. takes good care & spend time with family. and even they are living far away, he gets to meet his grandchildren online.
Meanwhile his son has a not-so-even tempered wife and is controlling his son.
Then he looked at me and said, in his religion, the man should be the pillar of the home, the man should be the decision maker, the wife can give opinion and support.

It was what uncle A said towards the end of conversation pains my heart.
"I just ask for 70£ out of his 5, 6k pay, that's like less than 2% of his pay but just the other day, he just email me to say he no longer can afford to give me. 
He doesn't even bother to explain. 
Uncle say he don't understand."
Uncle sounded and looked sad. I couldn't bear to bring myself to look at him.

That was about the last words we heard from him before he left the coffee shop.

I told myself never to judge, for I do not know what others are going through each day.
I myself have my fair share of problems too.

Monday, June 27, 2016

feeling serai (read : sir-ray-ee)

For a person who do not have green fingers, nothing beats the satisfaction of harvesting own fruits roots of labour.
Capturing the mess, the grass and the roots of serai (lemongrass)

The end product which distributed among relatives, neighbours and colleagues

Thursday, June 23, 2016

9 years already

I've always wonder what it is like if you are still around. 
I know I shouldn't think too much ... but I couldn't help it.
Yesterday, when I told your grandchildren how much I love them, 
I couldn't help to add : I love you very very very much just like how I love popo.

Life for your husband and children has its fair share of ups and downs.
Some we managed to pull through, some we are pulling through.

wherever you are, take care mi,
don't worry about us 
I love you forever

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

story of cosmetics and personal care products

It's a choice we can make
Just sharing, no offense really

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

the 'soon-to-be's ...

Off late I tend to appreciate present more 
present as in 'this moment' 
because for the 1st few months of 2016, I've encountered countless occasions where things just changed when I blinked.

*So much so that I dare not sleep much because that means catching 40 winks* =p

there are things that heavily concerned me (which I am feeling burdened but couldn't share)
there are things that partially concerned me 
there are things that doesn't really concern me ... ie. will be relocated to be seated right in front of office door  
(my tolerance level just got better eh)  

all of which I'm trying my best to solve and overcome those 'bumps on the road'

sometimes when I find myself start to ask 'why me?', 'why so many life tests?' 
I pulled myself back and say 'it could be worse' so don't complain and face it like a (wo)man.

One thing for sure, I need to 'love me more'
so that I can go on ...  


Friday, April 15, 2016

why i like buying clothes for children?

why i like buying clothes for children?

I think subconsciously it has to be the guilt of not being able to be with them most of the time, if not all the time.

So to make up, I got them something that would able to
hug them
touch them
protect them all the time

Did I also mentioned that I also especially like to buy pyjama?
that's because it's the most comfortable piece of clothes and worn during the most relaxing time of the day.

talking about quirky habits..
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